Silver Gulls

A Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) in flight. The contrast against the bright sky shows how this unassuming small white and grey bird gets its name,


Silver Gull

They like pies. Also, chips, battered fish, your cheeseburger.

They are not healthy eaters by choice.

Silver Gull
Searching for the next pie to steal

“Does that person have a pie? It looks like a pie.”

Yes! Pie detected! Launch all available units!

“Troops in transit.”

“Undefended pie located! Engage target!”

“Pie destroyed. Departing.”

“Hang on. Is that a sausage?”

“Yes! Re-engaging target.”


“Sausage engaged.” Silver Gull with Sausage

“Unable to return by air. No longer capable of flight.”

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