South Island Robin

Native New Zealand birds have no natural predators. This leads to some very interesting behaviour. As you stroll through a forest, the birds will come and check you out. “What are you, and what are you doing in my territory?” Once they’ve decided you’re not very interesting they will get on with their normal activity.

We were exploring the forests at Cascade Creek and Lake Gunn when we almost trod on a South Island Robin (Petroica australis.) After giving us the once-over, it carried on with its search for interesting and tasty bugs. After a few minutes, another one arrived. I think this is a male/female pair. They mate for life. It might have been a parent/fledgling relationship.

Content warning: a bug has a very bad day.

Investigating the leaf litter


South Island Robin


South Island Robin with a bug
Has a bug!
Petroica australis
Robin poses for Portrait
Petroica australis
Close Up of Robin with Bug
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