Auckland, Devonport, More Seagulls

Day Two of the Epic New Zealand Adventure started with bacon, because jet lag (yes, I know it’s only a three-hour difference but you have to get up really, really early. It hurts.) Suitably restored we strolled down to the ferry terminal and completely screwed up our timing. Left with 30 minutes to wait before our ferry we went looking for seagulls. We didn’t have to look very hard.

Pacific Gull
Looking for a Landing Spot

On the ferry for the 10-minute trip to Devonport I managed to elbow my way to the rail to grab this shot of an America’s Cup yacht hammering to windward under reefed main in a strong breeze. They cram about 20 guests on these amazing boats. It doesn’t look much fun.

America's Cup Boat
America’s Cup boat. Not sure which campaign she’s from.
Auckland, viewed from Devonport

There’s a lovely walk along the windy Devonport shoreline where you can see lots of seagulls. Look, I warned you about this. Seagulls are awesome and I will photograph them and post the pictures here and you can’t actually stop me.

Gull over Rocks
Gull low over volcanic rocks

You’ll see that the rocks a are luscious deep volcanic black. That’s because Auckland is built in a somewhat dormant volcanic caldera. The Maori have legends about the last major eruption, over 600 years ago. If the same thing happened now it would blow out several suburbs. It will happen again. Auckland government have an entire set of management and evacuation plans for various scales of volcanic catastrophe, up to a complete permanent abandonment of the largest city in the country. More likely we’ll lose a suburb or two every few centuries, which is pretty good odds really. Anyway. More seabirds.

Pacific Gull
Same gull, different rocks

Now for something completely different. A Herring. No! Sorry. Belay that. Not a herring. A Heron.

Heron over Rocks

And now, an Oystercatcher. This is a Variable Oystercatcher, so named because different individuals have different frontal colouring. This one is completely black.

Oystercatcher, Catching some Quality Snooze rather than Quality Oysters.

With that, we pottered back across the harbour and caught a flight to Christchurch.

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