Noisy Miners Post #1

On a mild (22°C) midwinter day the Noisy Miners were cooling off in the lake. They often do this when it’s hot, and it seems to be a social behaviour.

Capturing them is a bit of a technical challenge. They are small birds, and fast. The fly out a few meters over the lake, then dive in fast. Pointing the lens, acquiring a perfect focus, then taking the shot has to be done inside half a second. It’s easier to get them coming out than going in.

My recipe was to shoot a fast (1/3200) exposure with the gain wound up high and the autofocus tuned for fast acceleration.

I’m splitting these pictures across three posts out of concern for your page load times.

Noisy Miner
Soggy Noisy Miner
Noisy Miner
Noisy Miner Airborne
Noisy Miner getting Airborne
Noisy Miner commiting to the Dive
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